Obesity Counseling and Hypnotherapy – 2 Videos


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Bariatric Counseling and Hypnotherapy:  

Keys to Lasting Weight Loss

2 Hours of Approved CEU Credit

We often don’t think of obesity as a mental health issue, but obesity has a direct relationship to depression, health complications and family functioning.

Yet, this issue is often overlooked as a counseling issue. And YOU will benefit from the ideas, becoming a model for your clients of success.

This workshop will not only discuss the counselors role in ending obesity, but offer specific solutions counselors can utilize to address the mental health complications of obesity and help clients finally experience success.

You will learn:

  1. Effective techniques for weight loss counseling and hypnotherapy that you can use with clients today.
  2. What lifestyle changes are essential for success
  3. Strategies for approaching clients with weight loss needs and assessing those factors that will lead to lasting sucess
  4. Effective suggestions for lasting weight loss.
  5. How you can make change in your own life and help athers achive this same success!

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